Richard Burmer - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Born: September 19, 1955, Owosso, Michigan

Died: September 9, 2006 Saginaw, Michigan

Richard Burmer is an internationally-known and critically acclaimed composer/synthesist whose sonic excursions have graced the electronic music scene for almost two decades. His work with electronic music combined with musical styles and instruments from around the world has formed his own unique and distinct sound.

As a youth growing up in Michigan, he was introduced to the music of India, the Mid-East, contemporary orchestral composers, and electronic music. He found a wide pallet of musical textures with synthesizers, and the original sampler, the Mellotron. Influences also came from the Moody Blues, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd.

After spending time in college studying music theory and composition, Richard moved to Los Angeles where he became a sound designer for E-mu systems in Santa Cruz and engineer/synth programmer for EFX systems in Burbank. He also had the pleasure of working with Eleanor Academia, Kevin Braheny, Paul Delph, Bob Gaudio, Dan Hill, Michael Hoppe, Diana Hubbard, Hank Medress, Steve Roach, Jimmie Spheeris, Don Swanson and Tim Wheater.

Many of Richard’s compositions are featured on his solo albums titled “Mosaic”, “Bhakti Point”, “On the Third Extreme”, “Invention” and “Treasures in the Blood of Saints.” One of his contributions to American Gramaphone’s/Chip Davis’ “Day Parts” series became one of his most sought after tracks, “Across the View.”

His music can also be heard on television networks and video productions around the world and which won the 1994 Stemra Award for best use of music in TV for “Mechanical Witch” in Amsterdam.