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Where words fail, music speaks. Imagine flying in the clouds looking at creation from God’s point of view. The sun setting, dipping into a beautiful blue ocean, the sky, so blue that it hurts to merely look at it, the image of all creation crying out in adoration of its Creator. instrumental music has the power to conjure such images in the minds of its listeners.

Rivertribe combines instruments from around the world to create music that takes listeners on a journey to places only conceived in the imagination. It breaks down walls to go where songs with words can’t go.

With the release of Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble, Rivertribe brings their unique mix of meditative, spiritually charged indigenous soul tribal music, which has gained them a reputation as one of Australia’s premier world music acts, to the United States. This project is their third release, but their first label release under the Elevate Records label. It follows two successful independent releases, Journey and The Blessing.

“There’s a spiritual element to life,” says founding member Mike Lane, “which we’ve largely taught ourselves to ignore both inside the Church, as well as outside it. I hope when people hear our music it will remind them of that aspect of their existence and in a small way plant a seed.”

Using the ancient textures of the didgeridoo blended with a soundscape of violins, Native American flutes, Irish whistle, African drums, piano, Armenian duduk and sounds of the Australian native forests, Rivertribe has created a unique texture of rhythm and harmonies. This multicultural sound has a beautiful, deeply reflective and soulful quality that has won over audiences across the world. They have performed on streets to big auditoriums, including the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, the Singapore River Festival, the Asia-Pacific Political Forum, Sydney Opera House, Melbourne International Festival, United Nations Day of the Older Person, and Awakening 200 concert at Stadium Australia.