Sarmalele Reci - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

During their first years of existence, the group did jazz songs (performing adorable musical parodies) under the name “Mioritmics”.

The band was formed in November 1993, following the call of Florin Dumitrescu, the group’s main songwriter. He wanted to create a rock band with a Romanian name, unlike most contemporary groups which had an Anglo-American influence to their names. Florin came with a crazy and funny idea: he wanted a name to indicate that this is not a one-man band (hence the plural of “Sarma” - “Sarmalele”) and to suggest that this is a Romanian product; what the Romanian citizen likes most is eating(the “sarmale” are a traditional Romanian food sort which is best served hot). F.D. then proposes that these “sarmale” be different, less easy to swallow, less trendy… a tad bit cold(“Reci” = “Cold”).

“Sarmalele reci” had success since their first appearance, in 1993, at the Theatrum Mundi.

The band released a few songs which instantly became hits: “Tatiana”, “Violeta”, “Gasca de la bloc”, “N-ai nimic pe sub tricou”, “Tara te vrea prost”, and many others.

Band Lineup

Zoltan Andras - lead singer and keyboard player (born on 22-03-1968)

Emil Viciu - electric guitar (born on 6-11-1964

Ionel Tanase (dubbed Tase Indianu’) - drummer - (born on 9-10-1970)

Andi Savastre - bass - (born on 29-8-1970)


“Tara te vrea prost” - 1995

“Aurolac” - 1996

“Bucate alese” - 1998

“Rapirea din Serai” - 1999

“Maniac” - 2001