Schwarzes Fragment - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы


Schwarzes Fragment tries to combine the music styles electro, darkwave and EBM a.s.o. The lyrics of Schwarzes Fragment are mostly a kind of poems.

Schwarzes Fragment music consists of classic orchestral instruments combined with dark vocals and electronic, melodic synthesizer sounds and drifting basses. Schwarzes Fragment takes attention to melodic and catchy songs which are easy to dance to.

If it sounds like sex between strings, synthesizers, drifting basses and e-drums combined with poems, than it’s Schwarzes Fragment.

1. Fragment - Birth (before the year 2003)

A relative of the project founder Martin wants to throw away his old and keyboard because two keys were defect. Martin tries to use this keyboard to learn playing keyboard, although the two keys were defect. With MIDI-Musicsoftware he was able to correct the keys, which were defect. At first only instrumental songs were released.

2. Fragment - The missing fragment (Years 2003 - 2008)

Schwarzes Fragment is a in the year 2003 founded music project from [bandmember from=2003]Martin Förtsch[/bandmember from=2003] . The instrumentals which were composed during that time were released on e.g. These instrumental songs were far away from the style Schwarzes Fragment is composing today.

3. Fragment - Rebirth (from the year 2008)

After serveral years of inactivitie the music project was reactivated in May 2008 in Munich, DE . Now songs were composed with heavy synthesizer sounds, hard and drifting drums and useful music for clubs.

This is the sound of Schwarzes Fragment! With the combination of those different music styles and the different types of lyrics Schwarzes Fragment was able to qualify to the “Battle of the Bands 2008” competition of Sonic Seducer. He also was able to reach the Top 10 in the German Electronic Webcharts in November 2008.

The official website of the project can be found at zu finden.