Seda - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

1) Seda is Miguel Ângelo Majer e Ricardo Santos & a Dutch DJ.

Miguel Ângelo Majer e Ricardo Santos, produtores e criadores dos Donna Maria, propõem uma nova viagem à música portuguesa. Desta vez elegeram os loucos anos 80 como tema inspirador. A este novo projecto deram o nome de SEDA.

Radio Macau, Táxi, Sétima Legião, Salada de Frutas, Radar Kadafi ou o maior responsável deste movimento, Rui Veloso, entre outros, fazem parte do alinhamento deste disco de versões.

Um facto, uma acção, um livro, uma pessoa ou uma música podem ter várias leituras ou releituras e é exactamente esse o propósito máximo deste novo trabalho. Um olhar de um novo ângulo sobre algo que, antes de mais, é alvo de admiração.

A este projecto juntou-se a voz de Gabriela Barros que se estreia neste disco como tantos outros artistas o fizeram nos anos 80.

Gabriela Barros divide a sua vida profissional entre a música e o teatro, fazendo desta condição não uma limitação, mas sim uma mais valia interpretativa.

2) “In a world where everybody strives to conform to whatever is popular, I try my best to be unique and bold in my belief that Jesus Christ died so that the world would have hope. It is this hope that motivates me to use the gift I was given to reach all peoples so that they may be inspired to share the same message of hope with others”


SeDa is not the industries everyday artist. Known recently for his album “FOUR LETTER WORD” and other accomplishments including; various shows in 2008 & 2009 with Multi Grammy Award winning Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Kingdom Choice Award nominee for album of the year, GMA Anniversary Bash Performance with other artist in the lineup such as Canton Jones, Tye Tribbett, & Mali Music, and in more recent months “The Lost LP” album based on ABC’s hit TV show Lost.

With a variety of skills ranging from Rapping, Singing, Acting and Public Speaking, he aims to use his talents to reach and inspire audiences across the globe. Born, Robert Andrew Seda he grew up in Queens, New York where at the young age of twelve he had discovered his interest in singing. The world of performing arts was nothing new by his early teenage years due to the fact that both his parents were musicians and his father was a well-known singer. At the age of fourteen he began attending LaGuardia High School of Music, Art, and Performing Arts. There he was vocally trained and taught to compose.

SeDa has composed a diverse selection of genres ranging from Classical, Jazz, R&B, Gospel and Rap. Acting, has also been a passion for SeDa and he has performed in plays alongside Pastor Donnie McClurkin, and many more phenomenal talents. His humorous and fun loving personality has enabled him to host a variety of events and shows, while his musical talent has opened doors for him to perform on stages nationwide. He is currently working on new material for his upcoming projects, which you can be on the lookout for on