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There are two artists who go by the name Senescence.

1) Senescence are a collective of five that find themselves angry, confused and saddened by how the world is today. Injustice, supremacy, ignorance, hypocrisy amongst other things are prevalent today when (if we were so civilised) should have been banished long ago.

A lack of true meaning in people’s lives fostered by a regimented narrow system of being born, going to school, working and then dying is something we do not want to be a part of. This is not the only kind of repression we find ourselves angry at. How poor countries are held back from ever reaching the potential growth they could acheive because of Western countries continuing protectionism and desire to only increase free trade when it suits their own needs is disgusting, yet not surprising. The hypocrisy that runs rife through so many things in our society today continues regardless, while politician’s are totally obsessed with power and the means of getting that power instead of having and following their ideals. The list goes on and on.

However Senescence also know that not everything is “black and white”. They don’t claim to have the answers, they haven’t even totally formulated our own views and ideals. But saying something about what is happening is important to them, rather than just hiding it under the carpet and ignoring it. It is far better to actually be doing something than sitting around doing nothing. Senescence believe everyone has the power to make a change for the better and human nature is not inherently evil (despite what some people want you to believe).

2) Senescence is an experimental electronic artist who doesn’t complain half as much as those other guys. He is inherently evil.