Sesta Marconi - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Sesta Marconi is a doom band born in 1999 in the South of Italy, but currently settled in Rome, where the four 23-years-old members, live and create their music. In 2003 the band self-produced a promo titled “Black Soul Star”, containing two tracks inspired by 70’s rock-prog and doom metal. In 2004 Sesta Marconi performed several shows, but then faced a long stop when the band entire moved to Rome. Passed this turning point, Sesta Marconi started to work to new songs .In March 2008 a chosen part of this new musical material went to constitute “RITUAL KAMASUTRA KITSCH”: that’s a 30 minutes cd, in wich the band wanted to crystallize 4 songs summing up the exploration of the the world, in the way the band personally feels. “Retrogradio” is a ironic-audio-collage introduction to this world, simbolyzed by the strange reality behind the door pointed by the Old Man on the cover. That’s what Doom revealed to Sesta Marconi… Doom’n’roll shall be the whole of the law.