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“Here’s the real deal: damaged, street-wise, authentic, Robitussin-chugging white-trash punk rock from Kansas City. On “Road Trip,” singer Heather snarls, “Ate orange peels for breakfast today/got jumped by 10 krusties on the way/sleeping on broken glass again tonight/still baby it’s just like heaven/since you ditched me at the 7-Eleven.” Other Sex Offenders tales of the down-and-out include “That’s Why I Steal,” a song about making ends meet; “Three Day Blackout,” about hookers and killing; and many more — like “Self Hatred” and “So Far Gone” — that cry out for counseling and Prozac. There ain’t any other gal in punk rock with a more bitchen voice than Heather, who sounds like a feral cat jumping off a trash can onto a poodle’s back” - LA WEEKLY

Kansas citys sleaziest come straight for your lil’ buddys.They sound like the germs,black flag,etc but with raspy vemale vocals.Sex Offenders are this generations Avengers,not just cos they cover one of their songs.