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Sony Holland is a warm, inviting performer whose unaffected style has endeared her to a growing circle of fans. As Dr. Mike Metheny of Radio IO Jazz says, “Sony Holland delivers passion and elegance through every phrase…The voice is warm, full and engaging. Sony is becoming a favorite request from our world wide listening audience.” Born in a tiny town north of Minneapolis, Ms. Holland has toured Asia, performed in prestigious jazz festivals and in premier nightclubs such as the Blue Note, Yoshi’s, Catalina’s, the Dakota, the Rrazz Room and many more. Yet catching one of her live performances one gets a feeling that the best is yet to come. Her upcoming CD ‘Sanssouci’ features Sony backed by an organic trio of acoustic guitar, upright bass and djembe drum. About the title track she says, “It is a wonderful song written by Rufus Wainwright. Sanssouci refers to a summer palace built by King Frederick of Prussia in 1745. Both the song and the palace bring to mind a certain glorious despair, a sense of grandness and loss at the same time…I certainly have an understanding of those dual emotions.”