Spiral Spiders - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

SPIRAL SPIDERS are a Japanese independent rock band. They could almost be viewed as a ‘supergroup’ as the band features two established artists - Singer/songwriters Yosuke Sakanoue and Sora Izumikawa.

The band consists of YOSK on vocals, PAGE on lead guitar, TAKA6 on bass, SORA on keyboards and MAENY on drums. They are always accompanied by performer and chorus singer 4401.

It is hard to pinpoint a definite time when the band was formed, as all the band members are friends and collaborated with Sakanoue before announcing the band. The band became official with the commencing of 2005’s 1981 ROCKY PROJECT.

The band play most of Sakanoue’s solo catalogue along with new, original songs and covers. Their style is hard to categorize; it mediates between funk, hard rock and techno.

In May 2007, they supported HIGH&MIGHTY COLOR at AnimeCentral in Chicago.

In 2008 the band separated due to issues with the band’s drummer. They reunited for a brief revival tour in 2010.