SYPHIL - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Started in 2004. as a one man ‘project’. Earliest incarnation was Wrench Quintet. Inspired by old hard percussive industrial, very much by early Swans (Cop, Filth, Young God), some SPK, some Coil, some SCH (During Wartime and White Music), and also power electronics acts like Whitehouse and Deathpile, and some ambient stuff, but more in vein of Nurse With Wound. Soon changing the name into Syphil = a flower of flesh, spawn of love & death’s embrace, a nihil wound, A Story Of The Eye”. First Syphil CDr entitled “Collected Works” was out in 2005. on now defunct YOUSNS Rec. Consisted of mainly instrumental experimental and ambient miniatures, inspired by obscure soundtracks and cheap porn. In 2008. after a hiatus in creativity and overcoming the crisis, idea came to resurect some old stuff through re-grouping, re-writing. With addition of female vocalist and guitarist, old Wrench Quintet work was refined and rearranged gaining a new dimension out of all the senseless noise. Demo CDr titled ‘Black Sun Lilies’ was finished, 8 songs of dark, noisy, cold ,desperate dirges for your late night listening pleasure. Empathy is the word, always has been.