Temple Music - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Temple Music is a duo that consists of Alan Trench (Orchis, Twelve Thousand Days, World Serpent Records, etc.) and Stephen Robinson (Bug, The Beloved, Mutoid Waste) that makes ritual acoustic and ambient music using a huge variety of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Since 2008 their music has increasingly taken on more Krautrock and Experimental influences.

Their releases so far include ‘Volume One’, ‘Songs Of Absolution’ and ‘Volume Two’ on the Polish label ‘Shining Day’, ‘Incompleteness’ on the Russian ‘Faria’ label, ‘The Revelation Of St John The Divine On The Island Of Patmos’ on the American ‘Moribund Tree’ label, ‘Revenge Of A Red-Headed Man’ on ‘Reverb Worship’ (UK), ‘Soon You Will All Die And Your Lives Will Have Been In Vain’ on ‘Silken Tofu’ (Belgium) and ‘Children Of The Sun’ on ‘Anticlock Records’ (USA).

Over 2007/8, the band recorded and released the seven part “Green Man Project” series, inspired by the depictions of this folkloric figure in various Lincolnshire churches, as MP3 albums via the now defunct ‘Woven Wheat Whispers’ download label. These albums are slowly becoming available again via Shining Day, albeit as strictly limited ‘Art Editions’.