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The Aggression (released in West Germany as Der Angriff and in France as L'agression) is a 1988 West German television movie. It is a Heimatfilm. The plot centers around the attempted rape of pharmacist Ilse Trapmann, portrayed by Pascale Petit. The film takes the controversial stance that many West Germans have a latent desire to exert violence, despite the country's appearance to the contrary.


  • Pascale Petit
  • Michael König
  • Claude-Oliver Rudolph
  • András Fricsay
  • Lambert Hamel
  • Henry van Lyck
  • Franz Böhm
  • Kyra Mladeck
  • Ernst Weiner
  • Mady Rahl
  • Eva Maria Bayerwaltes
  • Christiane Blumhoff
  • Hannes Kaetner
  • Anna Lange
  • Nikolas Lansky
  • Else Quecke
  • Claus-Dieter Reents
  • Angelika Rossaro
  • Reiner Scheibe
  • Ingrid Schoelderle
  • Hansi Thoms-Evelt
  • Erika Wackernagel
  • Chriatian Weiner
  • Hildegard Wensch


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