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The Chop Shop are an informal collective of Irish based DJs who each have a thing for hip-hop, funk, soul and breaks. Armed with some records, turntables and ales they have produced nearly 20 freely available podcasts in under a year. The aim of which is to help high light the massive wealth of talent that hip hop djs in Ireland have.

Members include Stevie G, Handsome Paddy, Justin’ Jus Me’ O’Donnell, HalfDutch, Oscar, Fruit Man, A2DF, Jimmy The Hideous Penguin, Jay Ru, Pasta Masta, DJ Colz, Colm Kenefick, Johnny Doobs, Mek, DJ Wool and many more. We’re always looking out for new djs, so if u live in Ireland and Hip Hop is ur thing why not drop by the site and get in contact with us!