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Beginning in late 2008, nestled along the banks of the Ohio River in southern Indiana, Chris Maples (Guitar, Vocals) Adam Copelin (Bass) and Mark Reas (Drums, Vocals) began a series of jam sessions that would soon become the foundation of the musical group called ‘The Corner Friends’.

Influenced by a variety of artists, including but certainly not limited to: Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Cream and Kyuss, The Corner Friends produce a unique blend of Blues, Psychedelia and Jam Rock.

In November of 2010 The Corner Friends took a shaking blow when bassist Adam Copelin left the band due to scheduling conflicts. For the next two months the remaining members contemplated their next move. The step presented itself in early January 2011 with the introduction of Andrew Gresham of The Villabouts. Accepted under tentative terms the new trio began exploring the new avenues afforded by the strange lean man behind the Bass guitar.

Months passed and new material had begun digging its tantalizing teeth into the nape of The Corner Friends neck. All seemed to be going well, with the doubts of the two original members subsiding, giving way to joy and collaborative continuity. However in March of 2011, despite new material, new bassist and new determination another shake to The Corner Friends foundation manifested itself in the resignation of Drummer Mark Reas due to familial obligations founded in the forthcoming birth of his son.

As of early April 2011 Chris Maples announced induction of Andrew Gresham as full-time Bassist of The Corner Friends, and the two have resumed auditions for a new Drummer.