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Sinister Band…

The Cryptoterrestrials Present; Dark Ambient is set to be primarily on the subject of dark ambient.

The Cryptoterrestrials present images of the dark ambient from ancient till modern times and beyound.

The Cryptoterrestrials is a particularly disturbing dark ambient band, whose dark ambient videos evoke a sense of horror and dread, much like in other dark ambient videos.

The Cryptoterrestrials is a sinister dark ambient band which promotes the Sinister Tradition, and thus what many who are students and adepts of the Sinister Tradition have termed Traditional Satanism.

Traditional Satanism and Zen Buddhism, are the light of love, truth and wisdom in my life as of present.

Traditional Satanism does not invoke or ´evoke´the presence of Satan as an actual being, although there are references in some ONA mss which are publicly available, of Satan being one of many beings said to be acausal, and thus said to dwell in the realm of the acausal, which is said to exist on some level or levels beyound the causal.

This does not mean that Satan, or any such being, is regarded as some kind of finite authority, or that any of us bowe to any such authority, for we refuse to bow down to or humble ourselves before any authority, and refuse in fact to be humble.

We present the history of history itself, and the truth, as ugly and terrifying, but sometimes as beautiful and highly dangerous as it can sometimes be.

Despite the truth is mentioned here, this page is not created for such movements as 9 - 11 truth or related.

The Cryptoterrestrials started as an idea based on a little known book which discusses the lore of other civilizations existing on Earth´s surface apart from the one known as surface humans.

´Cryptoterrestrials´is a term the author of a book by the same name used to refer to these individuals, being humanoid in appearance, and truly sinister, and thus dark in his view, and so he termed them Cryptoterrestrials.

After he died, I have never been in any contact with him, I realized that the word ´cryptoterrestrial´is thankfully one of the many words you can use to refer to such humanoids, but I decided to take this word to a philosophical dimension by adding the dark ambient subject to it.

I felt somehow that this word ´cryptoterrestrials´would work just fine with something like dark ambient, because it evokes a sense of dark, sinister and often terrible ambient in light of the for example the fact that the author of the book Cryptoterrestrials died under mysterious circumnstances once it had been published.

There is no desire in me to attempt to ´prove´that cryptoterrestrials such as those who are described in the book exist - if they do, so be it, if they don´t, so be it.

It´s the same as in the case of my existence - I exist, or I don´t - I don´t need to think much about that, what the heck for?

The point is to enjoy existence, to thrill over the many joys the Prince of Darkness that is Light and Wisdom has to offer, as opposed to some ´infernal mandate´.