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The Dustaphonics are not easily categorised, including elements of soul, garage rock, surf guitar, classic R&B, funk and with a touch of punk attitude, it’s a melting pot boiled down to a dynamic groove that includes high energy party stompers, cultish downtempo bar sleaze, to smouldering surf-guitar instrumentals.

This diversity is also reflected in the London band’s cosmopolitan make-up, led by French-Spanish guitarist, producer and DJ, Yvan Serrano (Healer Selecta), San Franciscan soul singer Kay Elizabeth, and Brits: garage drummer legend Bruce Brand and bassist Michael Jablonka. It is also varied in that the musical influences here are essentially American and vintage, and yet there is something remarkably progressive and English about its sound, with a distinct London attitude.

It all started at Gizzard’s studio in London when American cult Tura Satana, favorite actress of film director Russ Meyer, heroine of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill and Elvis ‘s ex lover, offered Healer Selecta (Freestyle) the opportunity to create the soundtrack for his next film. The Dustaphonics was born, Tura wrote with Healer “Burlesque Queen” which came out as a 45’s on the English label Dirty Water in 2010. Sadly Tura died a few months after the release of this collector. The limited Cd Soundtrack on King A Ling is now sold out.

Jeff Dexter, (former manager of Marc Bolan/T. Rex, Lemmy Motorhead/Hawkins, America) said ” I am a fan, The Dustaphonics are What the wannabes want to be, One of the best bands I’ve seen in England for years, what a sound and energy !!The Dustaphonics are officially” blessed “by one of the most influential musicians of all time, Bo Diddley.

A seriously fun and energetic slice of rock & soul, “Party Girl” smacks of style and attitude, with a huge range of influences that all compliment each other in one big, hip and happening sound.

New Album Party girl available Vinyl & Digital