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There are two artists with this name:

1. 60s psychedelic band from Blackpool (Ginza Strip)

2. 1960s Australian pop/rock group, who had hits like “It’s a Happening World”

3. THE EXECUTIVES… genuine blues-based “sweat-running-down-your nose” rock with a straight shot and a water back!

Featuring tastey vocals, smokin’ guitar, phat bass, rippin’ keyboard and monster drums, with a side of black beans and sweet potato pie!


they’re finger-lickin’ good!


I’m getting so tired of warmed up electronic samples and sequencers and people asking about their “hooks”. it’s real refreshing to listen to the real deal. this track is a stand out even without that background , probably too much self disclosure right? down mood , got that hurting edge. good harmonies in the singing and dead on time throughout. the build up is huge , got me waiting for the storm to break. pass me the lantern, i’ll go out to the barn and close the door. good work- good performance.

Reviewed by: Herbsman from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Artistic Integrity

“The Executives sound is that of a classic sweat-running-down-your-nose blues-infused rock band, committed to retaining their artistic integrity.”


Executive Decision!

Hard work packs a punch, but The Executives have learned how to make the blues look easy. With their extreme bass and narratives it’s enough to make anyone throw away their tie and pump up the volume. Their sound borders on rock but the riffs roll off your tongue in a catchy unsequenced rasp. This is music you can free your mind with because the only decision is an “Executive decision”!

—Lindsay Bloemink - Canadian Music Press

GREAT Track!

This is possibly the best mix I’ve ever heard on GB. Each voice comes through loud and clear, it’s great! The mood is your typical blues mood, mellow but invigorating. Nice rhythm, great sound. Love the guitar and harmonica. It’s just awesome. Keep up the great work! Reviewed by:

- RabbitMonkey from Kinderhook, New York

Yes, what he said!

The Vocals have da’Blues down to it, and I mean in the bag. I really enjoyed the guitar with it’s own voice and expression, after hearing countless numbers of copycat settings and effects that appear most of the time. The Mood is classic and contained in the lyrics and Rhythm as the juces keep on runnin’. Very few songs around here reach out and grab a hold of the Blues like this one.

Reviewed by: RAWtroubadour from Seattle, Washington

Wow, is the only word I can think of!

Nice… I love the whole mood of the song. Very laid back and relaxing. The vocals are very soulful. Im a fool for harmonies. The guitar work is also excellent.

- overthought - Sherman Oaks, California


Review by Fran Gray The Executives - Fourcast “

You could easily be led astray if you didn’t listen to every song on the Executives debut CD “Fourcast.” Laced with the hooks, feel and structure of modern pop and rock you would think that the straight-up contemporary feel on this CD is the band’s musical intent… and maybe it is. Thrashing guitars are juxtaposed against trickling piano lines and vocal washes in 11 confectious tracks. Though pop and rock are the primary ingredients on “Fourcast”, it’s not until you hear cut 5 “You Left Me” that you discover the band’s hidden essence. It’s blues… hard blues… big, fat, electric hard blues both sung and played in an intoxicatingly great manner. Everything from the sweltering guitar solos by Dick Schalk to the dusty, sizzling, bluesy vocals of Rex Plew screams BLUES band. Track 4, “Intoxicate My Soul” is the same way with its deeply blues-ridden feel. These tracks are so convincing that you have to wonder if every one of these guys didn’t come from a blues background. With nothing accompanying this CD except the mailer it arrived in, this reviewer can only wonder. But if you’re out on the town listening to live music some night and you hear a really good pop-rock band called The Executives and they suddenly explode into blues in the middle of the set, you better sit down for awhile because you’re going to want to hear all of it.”