The Hawaiian Shirt Mafia - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

On Saturday October 23rd 1999 at the AS220 in Providence, RI, a gang of inebriated industrial musicians from various bands around New England played their first show together as The Hawaiian Shirt Mafia or HSM, and were subsequently banned. HSM played 4 shows during their short existence between 1999 and 2000 and where banned from all 4 venues due to a barrage of destruction and health safety and fire code violations.

Only one song, Pre-ejaculation Makes Girls Feel Pretty, was ever released (on Digital Hardcore’s Don’t F**k With US compilation) which was recorded at a party in 3 hours and featured Deftly-D (Nau-Zee-auN, Zero Times Infinity, Orgy of Noise, Terrorfakt), Jason Macierowski (suicide while driving, Grenadier), Stacia Tucker (Infrastructure, mindFIELD, Provocateur), Roland Adams (Battery Cage, Grenadier, Zero Times Infinity), and Morpheus (now known as deadform). Other HSM members include Machinerygod, Cosinzero (GASR), Gary Suarez (GASR), Luis Brito (GASR), brad rhodes, Phat Mike, Tyler Newman (Battery Cage, aec, Informatik), Chris Castiglione (ukuphambana, Zero Times Infinity), and Rach31 (Tonikom, Tonik). The Massachusetts release party for this compilation was the last performance and subsequent banning of Hawaiian Shirt Mafia.