The Heart Shall Prevail - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

The Heart Shall Prevail (short: THSP) is a four-piece [post-]hardcore band from Rendsburg, Germany.

The band was formed in summer 2007. Niels (vocals) met Lasse (drums) by his change of school and wanted to start a band with him. He also knew someone to play the bass; Timm. Timm and Niels were friends since many years, anyway. Then they queried if Martin could play the guitar, because they always wanted to start a project with him.

Now they were a complete band and covered songs by A Day To Remember and Evergreen Terrace.

But then they realized, they had to look for a second guitarist. Via Myspace they met Marco. They practised and wrote their first own song, “Well done, bloody


Unfortunately Martin didn´t fit in the band very well. So there was and still is only Marco, who plays the guitar but they are still looking for a second one.

Together they wrote more dynamic and constructive songs.

A few months later they played a little gig with the band HeadSetSound in their practising-celler. In november they had their first public gig in the Europaforum in Rendsburg (“RD goes Music”). After that they played on a birthday in the T-Stube.

Now they are looking for shows 2008!

THSP have just released their first selfmade EP “We Are In Blood”! You can listen to 3 songs on their Myspace-profile:

The band is influenced by artists as Evergreen Terrace, Escapado, Life In Your Way, Haste The Day, Underoath or Sick Of It All.