TheFatRat - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

TheFatRat - Threat Description:

Name: TheFatRat

Type: Epidemic

Overall Risk Rating: Very High

Reported Infection: Medium

Infection Trend: Fast Growing

Active: Yes

Place Discovered: @ThisIsTheFatRat

Origin: Germany


The most dangerous thing about TheFatRat seems to be the fact, that it’s been active but undiagnosed for several years already. The quarantine report states that it started spreading somewhere in the club scene in Germany. First traces can be found in Munich and Berlin, where it was hiding behind DJs and Projects. Compilations like “Ministry Of Sound - The Annual”, iTunes, Beatport, even the billboard charts were suffering from it, without knowing about it’s existence. It is considered highly dangerous and infectious, leading to the conclusion that it is of great importance to warn the public about TheFatRat.