Tree City and Black Milk - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Tree City is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based hip hop group that started off as 8 emcees and one DJ (G.P, Dante Peaks, BMC, Man In Charge., Realeyez, DJ Cataclysmic, AnomaLEE, and Verseatyle), formed in 2005. For a period of time from 2006 to mid 2008, the group was shortened down to 5 members (G.P., Man In Charge, Verseatyle, DJ Cataclysmic & Realeyez). During this period, the group released their debut E.P., entitled “The TreE.P.” in June 2007 and worked to make a name for themselves in the local hip-hop scene, touring the state in such notable cities as Jackson, Kalamazoo, Novi and Traverse City. Now as 2009 approaches, the group, further strengthened with the addition of Cheeks, a gifted lyricist also hailing from Ann Arbor, has just released “Black Trees,” a mixtape now available for free download. Using the productions composed by Detroit producer extraordinaire, Black Milk (from his free “Purple Tape” download), “Black Trees” aims to be a showcase of Tree City’s progression since “The TreE.P.” Also in the works are various alternate projects being headed by select group members. Chief among them being as follows: “Common Ground” (A joint project between Man In Charge and Cheeks) “Mundai” (A genre-bending release from the group Celsius Electronics, which consists of Man In Charge and producer/rapper/singer, L05) “NovEmbers” (A recently released 4-track Instrumental Demo from the phenomenally talented Verseatyle aka “Eye~V”)