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UNEAQ is a band with something very different to offer. Inspired by the sounds of San Francisco’s house music club scene, they have managed to bring something truly “unique” to the Bay Area. Using a computer as a fourth band member, these three San José natives have transformed the traditional two turntables and a mixer set-up into a fullblown live band, playing the deep sexy house that you would expect to hear in a club by a DJ … but with live vocals, live instrumentals, and all original music.Meet UNEAQ UNEAQ consists of three members: Jessica Marquez, Joshua Marquez, and Andrew Lozano. With an undeniable musical chemistry, all three contribute a piece of their heart and soul into every track. These three have played together since 1998 using different approaches towards performing. Starting out as a soulful Jazz quintet with a splash of Hip-Hop, UNEAQ gained experience as they preformed around the Bay Area. Highly influenced by the underground house scene, they decided to completely change their style in late 2000. Utilizing their fantastic musicianship they have turned that inspiration into pure magic.Members Since adapting this new way of performing, the band’s fan base has nearly quadrupled. While playing a wide variety of venues all over the Bay Area, UNEAQ has captured the attention and enthusiasm of the crowd, bringing people from different walks of life together. “I love watching the people react while we’re performing,” says Jessica. “No matter what age or how different they all are, they all connect with the music.”Jessica Marquez Jessica is vocalist in UNEAQ, she has been singing her entire life. Her vocal abilities are wide and diverse, ranging from soulful R&B to Middle Eastern chant. Beginning her musical carrier singing in her high school choir, Jessica sung at sporting events as well, perfecting her vocal talents and her stage presence. “Music just comes so natural to us. My brother and I have been spoonfed music since we were small children. My dad was a major influence on us, always playing music and making music. I can clearly remember sounds of Hall & Oats, Duran Duran, ZZ Top, Fleetwood Mac, Boz Scaggs and Bobby Caldwell growing up. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was influencing us. When I hear our music now, I hear subtle sounds of their legacy.” After high school, Jessica became more creatively involved with her lyrics and her music. Being a die-hard San Francisco club kid, she brought her love of soulful vocal house to the band. “I just wanted to be able to perform the music that I was most passionate about. I had never seen a live band play house music, so I thought, ‘Hey, We can do this!’ and before you know it, we were creating song after song.”Joshua Marquez Joshua is one of the multi-talented producers and musicians in the band. Playing music since he was twelve, Joshua’s natural talent allows him to play guitar, bass, and keyboard as effortlessly as it allows him to produce, without ever taking a single lesson. After being influenced by classic rock greats such as Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix in his early teens, Joshua became intrigued by the more modern and experimental sound of San Francisco’s deep house scene. Gradually he began learning tricks of the trade from such artists as Mark Farina, Wicked, Miguel Migs, and E.T.I. “Growing up I was always into the ‘live’ band thing,” explains Joshua. “What I love about our format is that we kind of get the best of both worlds. We can get very technical and precise in the studio, and this allows us to perform a little more loosely on stage. I would say that 80% of my playing on stage is improvised.”Andrew Lozano Andrew is another important element in the band responsible for producing and engineering UNEAQ. Beginning his musical career, Andrew took piano lessons as well as performing in “The Select” an all boys jazz choir, which he was a part of for seven years. Inheriting many of his talents form his parents, whom have traces of well known Latin and Christian musicians, Andrew took up the bass guitar during the early 90’s and preformed with several alternative rock groups. The selfproclaimed “perfectionist” joined Jessica and Joshua and brought with him the influences of Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, Björk and Jamiroquai. In the early years of UNEAQ, Andrew worked as a high tech and pro audio specialist at Guitar Center, which provided him with a fine knowledge of computer software and live PA. Many years later, Andrew began working at Apple computer were he learned Apple’s Logic Pro Software. He began to experiment with Logic at home and subsequently brought forth the idea of using his computer as a forth band member. “Working In Logic Pro changed the way I hear and write music. I learned the craft of working in the box and still managing to create a big sound!”Future of house music It’s safe to say UNEAQ is a key player in the future of house music. They bring a different approach to an art form that has almost no boundaries, creating a positive and UNEAQ vibe to every dance floor that they play.www.uneaq.com/