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UNSET was formed in 2004 by guitarist Ian Alexander and Vocalist Frank W. Torres.

Frank W. Torres and Ian Alexander met in San Diego, CA in October 2002. Originally from Long Island, New York, Frank sought a new beginning and a new life on the west coast. Ian, born and raised in San Diego, had already been a guitarist in several local acts and was looking to start a project of his own. In the summer of 2004, Ian and Frank decided to start their own musical Project: UNSET.

Ian’s Former band-mate and close friend, Chris Coulson, was asked to join UNSET, as he was already known for his funky bass-lines and energetic on-stage performance.

After a long search, Ian found Drummer Kurt Otto playing with his former band at a local San Diego music venue. Kurt agreed to a meeting which led to him joining UNSET.

Guitarist Steve Gilliland was only 17 years old when introduced to Frank W. Torres in 2002. Frank noticed that Steve’s guitar playing was remarkable for being so young and after several years of stage experience, Steve was eventually asked to join UNSET as the final piece to the San Diego based quintet.

UNSET’s first show took place in MARCH 11th 2006. Since then, UNSET has been creating a huge buzz in Southern California. Their music and performance has gained the respect of fans and musicians alike.

UNSET has had the privilege of playing shows with well known acts such as: INVITRO, ADEMA, HED(P.E.), RE:IGNITION, INDORPHINE, SPRUNG MONKEY, MOWER, The ACCIDENT EXPERIMENT, and many other great acts.

UNSET’s first official 4 song release was produced in May 2006 by MIKEY DOLING, Guitarist of the Legendary band “SNOT”, and engineered by BRAD “Big Al” DUJMOVIC in HOLLYWOOD, CA.

In April 2007 UNSET officially signed with GRIDIRON RECORDS.