V For Violence - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

“Just as Slipknot´s debut delivered a fuel-injected “fuck you” to the metal scene in the 90s, so the Vs´debut does the same to the poppy, diluted industrial-rock genre.”

-Metal Hammer


It’s music, V For Violence aims to keep as effective as possible. All unnecessary artistic ‘ego-fucks’, epic middle parts, orchestras and ‘instrumental-whatevers’ are not found in V’s songs. V For Violence has tendencies to balance between furious aggression and melancholic interpretation.

Though, the music is basically metal, it has more in it. Influenced by many styles of music i.e. different subgenres of metal and rock as well as pop and punk, V For Violence represents quite an interesting consept, that is potential for, not only metalheads, but also for bigger audience. For this kind of music, the band gave a term: GOTHCORE

V For Violences lyrics are something you usually don’t read when listening to a modern rock or metal songs. Like the music, also stories are about breaking both face and heart. Influenced by many great writers, the lyrics give an extra depth for a reader’s mind to dwell into.

In short, V FOR VIOLENCE brought the DEVIL a little bit closer to mainstream music.


“After few months of VFV’s first demo (’promo 2008’) they released a video for a song ’Boy Called Fucker’. Shortly after that, they made a record deal with Osasto-A Records.

Bands first official release, ’Constant Of Death’ a 2-track single from the upcoming album was released in summer 2009 and distributed by Playground Music Finland. On the B-side of the single, ’Break The Face’, there was MC Raaka Pee from Turmion Kätilöt to feature on vocals. A music video for the song was also released and the song itself was a ’Free Song of the Week’ in Finnish Nokia Music store.

18th of November, their debut album, a 14-track facebreaker: ’THE CULT OF V’ saw the daylight