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Born and raised in East London, Victor Davies, the son of a West African father and a British mother, grew up listening to artists like Stevie Wonder and Curtis Mayfield, but it was watching his older brother's friend (and member of '80s soul group Central Line) play guitar that truly inspired him. He got his first guitar at age 14 and began taking classical lessons, though his impatience with reading music caused him to quit after about a year. He began to explore the burgeoning soul/funk scene in London, and also played in a variety of bands around town. In the early '90s Davies received a publishing deal from Virgin, as well as Chrysalis (both of which were later bought by EMI), but things fell through when the label wanted him to write in specific, poppier styles and not the soul- and funk-infused ones he preferred. Faced with this dilemma, he quit writing songs for others and taught Thai kickboxing (a sport he had studied since childhood) to help make ends meet in order that he could start his own company, Afro Gigolo, and began recording simple acoustic demos of his own work and sending them to local independent labels. One of these, People Records, liked what they heard so much they included one of these demos, "Runaway Train" on a 1998 sampler. More singles followed, and in 2001 Davies released his self-titled full-length debut on Germany's Compost Records. Three years later Hoxton Popstars came out on SPV Audiopharm. Davies' combination of acoustic instruments, string and brass arrangements, and Latin, soul, jazz, and house influences won him fans in Europe and Japan (where the single "Fire" was the on the top of the charts for two weeks), though he had yet to have the same amount of success in his own country. Signed to V2 Records, however, his next album, Hear the Sound, received a better response in England when it was released there in 2006. Victor Davies’ third album, Hear the Sound, has much to live up to. His 2001 self-titled debut (Wood Records/JCR) was met with critical acclaim leading Q magazine to declare that “Davies’ caressing tones could sell sunshine to an Australian”. In 2003 his next album, Hoxton Popstars (Columbia Music/SPV), delivered a number one single in Japan (‘Fire’ held the spot for two weeks). This year’s release, Hear the Sound, which includes a duet with Grammy-nominated Brazilian artist Bebel Gilberto, shows all the signs of continuing this upward trajectory. Victor’s distinctive sound is realised through his captivating fusion of Latin, soul, funk, jazz and acoustic aesthetics. While his music has proved popular around the world Hear the Sound will be somewhat of a homecoming for Victor as it is his first release on a U.K. label (V2/Nurture). Having established his talent overseas the recent musical shift towards authentic artists in Britain confirmed that the time is right for the Thai kickboxing East Londoner to pursue such achievements at home. Hear the Sound continues the tradition of artists such as Terry Callier, Jon Lucien and Gilberto Gil while also seeing Victor give a nod to his soul roots with tunes that recall the Isley Brothers and Curtis Mayfield. The album is comprised of songs relating to the emotions and feelings associated with relationships – love, lust, and obsession – as well as addressing political and social issues. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.