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There are many ways by which to judge the success of a musical group. Product sales, notoriety and press attention to name but a few. In the modern day music scene where gimmicks and ‘sellable’ groups leave content and inspired musicianship to welter in distant second, it is absurd that a band should take the road less travelled, turning their backs on the fashionable and formulaic in order to just create sincere and personal music.

Not so much a breath of fresh air to a stale industry, as a heart stinging wake up call, Violet Town have set in motion a desire to do just that. “Our goals aren’t dictated by anyone. We built this thing, so we’re not about to put the success of it into the hands of outsiders” says vocalist Luke Oliver.

In 2008, Violet Town release their debut EP titled “Between Honesty & Goodness”- an aggressive montage of heartfelt introspective themes coupled with exceptional musicianship and potent deliverance. A convergence not lost on guitarist Dan Misson: “I think we steer clear of setting out to make anything particular. A sound, an argument, trying to target an audience. When you get five guys in a room together, leaving all that aside, you’re gonna get the sum of five different people. Different journeys, different ideas. You know, that’s a nice freedom.”

In a business determined to suck every last penny and pound of flesh from artists, freedom is a luxury not often dealt. Violet Town are one of few who can claim this opulence, and ignoring all distractions is intent on making full use of it.
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