World Below - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

World Below was formed by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry, ex Centinex, Carnal Forge, Dellamorte…) in 1999. A demo with 2 songs were recorded as a solo project called Beyond The Sun, but it was never meant to be released. The project was asleep some years until February 2002 when Jonas had a terrible nightmare about some very evil and bizarre cult from the 15th century.

So the writing process began, with a truly scary nightmare in mind the inspiration just flowed. A full-lenght album was the goal and Mikael Danielsson (ex Sideburners, Turabus, Mystery Machine…) joined the Doomed horde on bass and vocal duties. One phone-call and 2 hours later Stefan Westerberg (Carnal Forge, Leech, ex Steel Attack…) sat behind the drums ready to record.

After 7 weeks with long afternoon hours passes in the studio we were done. The result was way over our expectations; seven epic tracks of doom, 49 minutes of great quality music. “Sacrifices To The Moon” was released by Underground Symphony 2004.

On the “Maelstrom” album, that was recorded January 2005, the line-up changed. Ronnie Bergerståhl (Demonical, Grave, ex Centinex, Julie Laughs No More…) joined on drums and guitarmasturbator Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, ex Altered Aeon…) on guitar. “Maelstrom” was released by Psychedoomelic Records the same year.

World Below did their first and maybe last live shows the same year together with their fellows in Centinex. Two gigs in Germany including the great Bands Battle Festival in Stavenhagen and later two in Finland with the legendary Demilich & Demigod with very good response. Between those gigs they also did an awesome gig at the festival Daldansen in Hedemora, Sweden.

After the shows in Finland Per decided to leave the band to concentrate on his other band Scar Symmetry. A mini-tour was booked by Dreamtide Music in November but it was sadly cancelled when Mikael decided to take a break from the band due to some personal matters. The end of World Below was near because of lack of interest…

Then, in the spring/summer 2006, Jonas decided to make an new album and asked Ronnie and Mikael if they wanted to join the ship again. Of course they did! The new album titled “Repulsion” was recorded and mixed in Black Lounge studios in September and was released in November 2006 through Psychedoomelic Records.

Doomed or be doomed…