Yoann LE Dantec - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Yoann Le Dantec is an accomplished young composer, with a matching and remarkable talent as arranger, and orchestrator.

His music is beautiful, sensitive, poetic, inexorably captivating. Resolutely melodic, eminently expressive: a thousand stories, a thousand emotions – joy and pain, pleasure and suffering – emerging immediately, almost violently, from the very first listen. A new world is evoked, offered… A world of kaleidoscopic harmonies and persistently driving rhythms.

At the age of 28 he has already composed many scores for documentaries and short film: La Pipe (directed by Pascal Herbreteau), Plaidoyer Pour Un Lâche (Olivier Grimberg), Blanche (Adrien Portehaut), Pour Rien Au Monde (Olivier Grimberg).

He regularly works with composer Grégoire Hetzel (Clara Sheller, Catherine Corsini’s Les Ambitieux, etc).

Also, Yoann Le Dantec is working on an imaginary soundtrack album with singer-songwriter Barth. “Piano Glass Angel” - selected as a soundtrack to the European ad campaign for Citroen C4 Picasso - is taken from this album due out on Bleepmachine in late 2008.

He has written several pieces of classical music and has embraced the world of pop music with the same natural finesse: today, his budding collaborations with French warped popster Barth and demanding English producers Count De Money (Kennedy, Jason Germaine, Charlean Dance, Sticky, etc.) are already bearing their fruits.

What more can be said about this character…a man of many words, pleasant, infinitely curious, and surprisingly mature? One might evoke his outstanding educational path: Prix d’Harmonie and Prix de Contrepoint at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris. Or his natural musical talents: violoncellist, pianist, bass player, he has played in various jazz and classical music formations (sonata with piano, string quartet, symphonic orchestra, tango, jazz, etc.) as well as having formed a rock band, of which he is both bassist and writer/arranger. We might choose instead to focus on his infinite love of music: passionate about classical and jazz music, rock, pop and of course film soundtracks. We might evoke his passion for cinema, loving it for its diversity, movement, creativity, accessibility.

Today, the insatiable Yoann Le Dantec is delving into yet richer territory, both through the constant development of his personal projects and his increasingly varied new collaborations.