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NOISE project started in 2010 and runs by the noise musician Zack Stenger, an adolescent from Los Angeles (USA) who started to play NOISE for fun. With only 15 years old he recorded his first demo cassette and after he recorded 2 tapes more. There is also a long track in a compilation “What The Hell Is A Jiggawatt?” edited and distributed by the DIY label: “Hair in my food Records”. The behavior of an adolescent is quite controversial, due to their photos posted on the Internet in which is shown by becoming hurt himself with razor blades or similar metals. Is this fact real? or is pure and deliberate provocation? Musically we must say that is not bad. This is a HARSH NOISE full of changes, ups and downs, electronic effects and sounds (repeat) with electronic origin but not always noisy, unlike many sounds are clear and clean, mixed of course with the usual “fog noisy”. Being a boy of 15 years old, his way of doing NOISE seems pretty accurate and serious. Do not do much if the song titles it seems somewhat silly: “Pink God”, “Jazzy Spider Man,” “Where is the party at?”, etc… In general his works are not bad.