One more drink 'fore he split town, pulled up in a rose pink cadillac
He was singin' with the top down girl from the north, Dylan and Johnny Cash
He won the car on a card game listenin' to The Boss, he keeps his clothes in a gunney sack
She said, "Tell you what sailor, if you take me outta here, I'll do anything that you ask,
'Cause I don't wanna die like the people down here but I feel that I'm fading fast."

He looked over to her chestnut hair, he said "I don't believe in love."
But he knew good and well she was the only girl there, so he figured it was close enough

And they hopped in the car, rolled the windows down far,and they headed through the desert plains
And she didn't even mind when they crossed the state line and the sky opened up with rain
And they went three states 'fore they even spoke a word, he leaned over just to ask her name
She said, "Take me to the 61 highway, sailor, and you can call me Queen Jane,
'Cause the only thing I stole from the town was a crown that I took from a beauty queen."

And he looked over to her deep green eyes, knew that she was just as cold as him
So he went to the trunk, grabbed the pistol from inside, and told Janey of his plan

And they went to the store she put the gas in the car, he came out running with a case of beer
And he jumped in the back with the money in the sack and Janey she took the wheel
And they ran off in a blaze in a sweet summer haze, to the bullets of the cashier
"You keep your head down sailor 'cause I might need ya' later, just holler if you can hear,
'Cause I'm gonna need a man, not a farmer girl tan and a cadillac souvenir."

And they camped out by the railroad bridge, and they made love all night,
Watched the sun come up over Mercury Ridge, from a hilltop outta sight.

They hit five more banks and their small-town safes and they knew that they could get out fast
Had the time of their life but they had to have a talk, 'cause they knew that it couldn't last
They made friends with the man at the Mexico border, and they left him with a bag of cash
She said, "I tell you what, sailor, I don't care about that paper but I'm happy that we passed,
'Cause I'm feeling pretty tired and I'm carrying a child and we both need a rest."

And they settled down to a house near the water, where they would live to be old and grey
And many years later and the kids are all older, and they tell 'em 'bout the good ole' days.