«Koop» - «modal mile (feat. eaal zinger)»

modal mile (feat. eaal zinger)
My face is leaned up on her
N blocks a coptic smile
She got the understated
She got the car crash hands
She got my size ten meathooks
They hide a gangees tongue
She knows the lawless shan lands
She walks a modal mile
I stay sub-merged for two days
I may go back for three
I'm backing off till morning
To follow bassline leads
I'm standing still on 10th street
I'm not the only one
I want this night to stretch us
There's plenty left to know
I walked a million marchers
And i got million hands
It's all just blistered slipstream
It's all just space to run
I pull the budda hamstring
I'm looking homer tides
I clean the pipe hea scrapings
I'm not the only one
The street breath is upon me
We walk the river miles
The ageless cities waiting
In gospell bus stop eyes
You're asking more than reason
She ransom freestyle flow
She not the only one
I'm not the only one
She wait with dread upon her
She wait butnot for i
I try the sky for reason
It just won't trust me still
I know there's more than i see
I know there's more to tell
She wait down by the river
She knows but keeps it well