What once was dreams came true
The gift of immortality
A punishment I learned
Time won't take its toll on me

I walk the endless path
Cursed to be the last
The horrid truth, eternal youth
Life's not even worth the salt in my tears

The sentinel won't let me in
Living was my darkest sin
Dust to dust, no last relief
Alone I have to bear the grief

Days turn to twilight
My bones are chilled by the breeze
Hacking my body, tearing my flesh
Wishing my heartbeats to seize

As I cut the last vein open
So that finally my life will run out
I understand that the pain will be eternal
As my severed body rots in the sun

Spilling bowels on the ground
Still in flesh my soul is bound
A living corpse, what's left of me
To lie here bleeding for eternity