Heaven Has Died
Blind beliefs, soaked in deceit
Your god, your lies, your life I despise
The gates of pearl that you pray to hold
Have melted down into bars of gold
Groomed for doom, the face of death looms
Your suffering sweet soul I've consumed
The sun disappears, the clouds are stained
The heavens bleed tears of crimson pain as
Fire, rips through the sky
Raining blood, homicide
I left your god slaughtered
Heaven has died (2X)
Writhing while you suffer in my crushing grip of pain
Your purity, lies deceased, destroyed by infernal hate
I'll tear your tortured soul apart
As doom devours the shit you are
While your enslaved corpse to be
Drowns in the seas of Hell with me
I am agonizing pain beyond all misery
I am the darkest of damnation feared eternally as
Destroyer of the heavens
Vomited from blackened flames
Unholy rising terror
Ripping through from Hells domain
A rolling ball of butcher knives
Sacrificing useless sacred lives
I pour on the pain of purest hate
Like a burning waterfall of razorblades as
Blood, raining burning blood, raining burning blood, raining burning blood