Lord Of The Dead
i'm the lord of the dead
servant to the darkside
the master of enslavement
the face of agony
through my darkened empty soul
flows boiling blood of liquid gold
immortality i've been given
for the gates of hell that i defend
locked inside a shell of the undead
with three times the strength
of six men
yeah, in hells kingdom i serve
in deathlike silence i work
my victims horrifying agony
means nothing to me
i am the lord of the dead
the prince of hell in the flesh
re-animator of slaves
exhuming doom from the grave
guardian to the gates of infinity
i telepathically control the souls
who worship me
through the merciless mass enslavement
of the tortureds agony
i crush the corpses down to dwarves
engraving eternity in misery
feasting from the fury of fallen angels
their shackled souls fry before my feet
punishing pre-corpse mutilation
by my gallery of grinding guillotines
murder all who pass through halls
of the polished marbled walls
where all living life
is sacrificed to me
uniting as one in the invincible legions
of satan that i command
i grant the demand of immortality
to my growing, forever suffering,
undead armies of the damned
i am the lord of the dead
the prince of hell in the flesh
re-animator of slaves
exhuming doom from the grave
i slash the heavens to shreds
i am the lord of the dead
by deaths damnation i've been blessed
i am the lord of the dead
i'm the unholy misery
from which all fear feeds
i inject hells wrath into lifeless heads
i'm the infectious death that ressurects
i'm the eternal torment
that the undead dread
i place the polished chrome plated steel
directly inside your mind
through the side of your heads
freshly ripped-up flesh
the laws of your gods you'll now defy
with your loyalty now to none but me
you forever belong to me now boy
our bloodlines quickly entwine as one
as you become the newborn bastard
black trinity son
with the authority appointed to me by the devil
and his power of pain that i employ
you'll fall down onto your knees,
bow to me, kiss my feet
and f**kin' worship me now boy
(vocals: reggie bannister)
listen motherf**ker, i'm really sick of all your shit
and fightin' for a cause i gotta risk my life to win
i've been driving southwest forever
and watched the hours pass like days
but now my blood is runnin' cold
and my fear , that's turned to rage
i've followed your trail of destruction
through the yards of empty graves
inverted crosses on the chapels
and hearses driven by your slaves
my home is blown to pieces
you've killed everyone i know
with nothing left for me to live for
but your death, i'm here for war
with my sawed-off four barrelled shotgun
'cuda trunkload's full of shells
i'll blow your f**kin' head off
and dismember you in hell
i'll rip apart your beating heart and watch you bleed
i'll rip apart your f**kin' heart and watch you die for me