7bit Hero - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Hey, you! You’re special. No, really! Everything you do is great. 7bit Hero believes that all of this is true. Its heart beats to this very rhythm.

7bit Hero was created by Hans van Vliet, a Brisbane-based electronic musician. Emerging from the demoscene, Hans has since established himself as a synth and beat craftsman who hand-draws his own waveforms. The music combines chiptune samples, old-school gaming, as well as live instruments to create an aural pop feast that presses all the right buttons.

A game and motion designer by day, Hans recently developed ‘Penny Time’, a rhythm skateboarding game for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Hans also wrote the soundtrack, attracting comparisons to the likes of The Go! Team, Gotye, and Foster the People. Releasing two critically acclaimed albums as moody pop act Hunz, Hans’ two passions have collided, creating a 7bit Hero—a project combining his love of music with his love of digital art.

7bit Hero is a bit-pop band that uses video games, audience interaction and visuals working together in a unique new way. 7bit Hero turns your smart phone into a joystick that allows you to control a character in the multi-player game that is projected behind the band. Your opponents are somewhere in the crowd around you, and the band is playing the soundtrack. This is sound and technology perfectly intertwined. It is simple, and it’s all for you!

Make sure your phone is charged, so you can join in on the action. You’re about to witness the start of something very special.

7bit Hero: where music and video games meet and high-five.
www.7bithero.com and www.facebook.com/7bithero