acid.milch&honig - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи


Acid.Milch&Honig (Acid.Milk&Honey) is a Leipzig Electrocrossoverpop (Self Description) Band. Well, Band… Actually the inner core consists of 2 people, although for some minor gigs it’s possible to see the band solo. Something new is, that also analogue Drumsets and Bassguitares are used. Sometimes. The most important things of course, are sampler and synthesizer. Add a Microphone and the gig begins. And the music? People with a cynical tongue call it Eurotrash of the nineties. No way! That’s a misjudgement. First of all, raise up your stereo amplifier and if you are a fan of equalizers, also raise up the left ranks. So it starts in 4/4 beat or maybe in a Surfbeat, but that’s not the point. It animates to dance. Cause you know: Theres the break, here comes the cue and now i have to Jump.

They were support act for Mediengruppe Telekommander and Stereo Total. In february 2005 the first cd in own distribution called: “untergrund und übergrund” was released and in may 2006 “Sweet Club Prostytutka”. A promotional cd? A self burned one? Pressed? You don’t know.

I’m calling a label.