Always Fallen - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

ALWAYS FALLEN is a industrious young Belgian Thrash Metal band that was founded in the summer of 2005. In an era of fast playing, technical bands, ALWAYS FALLEN elects to play a melodic repertoire of memorable, traditionally structured songs. Their sub-genre can be described as straightforward no-frills thrash with some elements of contemporary metal mixed into the equation to make it more interesting and distinctive.

After writing and rehearsing for almost a year ALWAYS FALLEN started performing live, in February 2006. After a minor line-up change consisting of lead singer Kenny Devos joining the band, the band unleashed their first demo entitled “No Mercy for Sinners” upon an unsuspecting public in February 2007. Nearly exactly one year later they released the mini-CD-album “See my Blood”, which they’d recorded at Sweet Sour Studios with Niek Tournois (Vocalist with the ROADRUNNER recording artists SPOIL ENGINE).

“See My Blood” benefited from both critical and popular acclaim and opened a lot of doors for the band, allowing them to tour intensively for the remainder of 2008 and well into 2009, with bands such as: Sodom (DE), Ensiferum (SE), Axxis (DE), Stormlord (IT), Bonded By Blood (USA), Fueled By Fire (USA) and Maroon (DE). ALWAYS FALLEN was also selected to play at Metalcamp in Slovenia, billed the same day/ stage as Nightwish (FI), Kataklysm (CAN) and Death Angel (USA).

Having achieved all of the above in such a short time – and survived – ALWAYS FALLEN next recruited XAVIER CARION (guitarist with CHANNEL ZERO and SONS OF JONATHAS) to produce their first long-playing compact disc album: “Reflection”. They entrusted ATTIE BAUW (JUDAS PRIEST and the SCORPIONS, to name but two out of a list of hundreds…) with the mastering; loud, very loud… but with nuance!

“Reflection” will be released on MAUSOLEUM RECORDS in November 2009 ( Europe ), and January 2010 ( USA).