AUditors DOmination - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

AUditors DOmination (Au.Do) were founded in 2008. Au.Do, based in Thessaloniki, is the Trio formed by Antony, Michael and Stelios.

They recently finished their debut album “Palace of light”. This album is a mix of electronic and ethnic sounds, colored with dub melodies! It has a worldwide style and groove that gives you a sense of freedom.

Au.Do’s music is not targeting a specific audience. It can be characterized as a mix of trip-hop, dub, latin, down-tempo and world-beat genres. Their sound is both incentive and emotional. The central idea is that everything can be combined in the music world. Music is limitless. Au.Do are exploring the past music industry to discover new sounds, vibes, and techniques. That’s why they began experimenting with various traditional instruments based on modern rhythms. You will notice that in “Palace of light”. The tracks contained in the album have significant different styles. This is the main principle that Au.Do are following and will continue to follow in their future releases; the goal is to offer a pleasant and unique music experience to the audience.

Au.Do have already cooperated with several session musicians to fulfill their musical needs. Their work is produced in their private studio, L.F.Show, which is based in Thessaloniki since 2007. L.F.Show, created by Au.Do themselves, is a modern studio that offers all the reliable equipment required for producing and mastering modern electronic music.

After their successful appearance in several electronic music festivals and live stages, Au.Do are getting prepared for their winter shows. At the same time they are working on some new remixes. Au.Do’s. remixes are the result of their cooperation with other electronic artists. Remixes already released by Au.Do:Thomas Blonded - Havana 2am, Palyrria - Se quema, Second Sky - Art of influence.