Boomclap Bachelors - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The collective was founded in 2005 with the release of the selftitled album: Boom Clap Bachelors LP It provided the outlet for future collaboration. Members include: Ronni Vindahl, David Cytryn, Robin Hannibal, Nikolaj Koch and Thomas Bisballe. The music spans from Electro, tech, broken beats to disco, futuristic soul and hiphop.Its the love for all genres and the diversity of music that inspires and motivates us. Drawing on a wealth of different influences, working outside of genre definitions and basically thinking out of the box are pivotal points in our work ethic.

Boom Clap Bachelors have been involved in different projects throughout the years and contributed with production work on : Nobody beats the beats – The Second coming (2003), Drops from above (2004) (Sonny B/Universal), Per V – Version 1.0 (Playground), MC Clemens – Dans med døden (2004) (ZU-J), Jahi – Soulhop ( The Breakthru ) (2006) (Sonny B/Universal), DJ Typhoon præsenterer Gadeplan (Sonny B/Universal) and last but not at least the international acclaimed album: Owusu/Hannibal ”Living with…” (2006) (Ubiquity). Gilles Peterson “Best Of ‘06” round-up. “Living With…” made no.16 on GP’s list and no.1 on Beyondjazz!

February 2007, after meeting Boom Clap Bachelors in Copenhagen / Denmark, Gilles Peterson licenced the track ”combiner” from the BCB 2007 album to be released on the Brownswood vol.2 compilation ( Brownswood Recordings ) April 2007 - BCB - All Winners for 2007 on Gilles Peterson BBC Radio 1. “Combiner” produced by Boom Clap Bachelors has been played a bunch of times on the Gilles Peterson show… it was chosen as one of the best tracks of 2006/2007.

September 2007 - Boom Clap Bachelors is ready to release an album on danish electronic pioneer, Kenneth bagers label - Music For Dreams. The result is both eclectic, poetic, futuristic and with a international sound combined with singer/songwriting, electronica, hiphop influenced beats and soul.