Create, Control - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Straight out of Inver Grove Heights, MN, unlike any sonic force ever experienced before by mankind, Create, Control (yes with the comma) brings the listener to a new realm of aural excitement. We strive for a unique sound, while incorporating influences from many genres. We have a hard time classifying our music, so we just call it “rock”. Listen for yourself, then determine what you want to call it.

Taylor Nelson is a mysterious and elusive creature, and can often be found in his natural habitat, the studio of Create, Control. – Guitars, vocals, HAL programming

Jacob Tardoni was a gypsy wizard until he discovered the art of guitar, then he joined the band. – Guitars, backing vocals

Ben Bourgoin is not actually a human being, rather an alien from the fifth dimension, sent to this world to save us from mediocre music, using the power of rock as his main weapon. – Bass guitars, backing vocals, keyboard

HAL is our drummer. He is rather small in stature but has a BIG SOUND. We found him a crashed ET craft, in a small black box with strange alien characters on the side, that upon further inspection resembled HAL in earthling writing. We quickly raised him to become our drummer, and quite a drummer he has become. – Drums, percussion

What’s our story?

Create, Control has faced many adversities in the past, including but not limited to; spontaneous combustion of band members, mysterious automobile malfunctions, various mechanical malfunctions of gear, disturbances in the space-time continuum, matter/anti-matter annihilation, attacks of mobs of Po-Jama People, extraterrestrial assaults, secret government insurgents, acts of God, acts of Satan, acts of Santa, spiritual possession, and a bad case of the blues. Despite these difficulties, we continue to live out our adventure and fulfill our artistic passions no matter what mountain of hidden difficulties come before us. And have fun while doing it.