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Rock / Metal / Hardcore




Hard hitting rock straight out of Connecticut. Sometimes melodic, at other times chaotic Curtain Hits The Cast is set to sit along side bands such as Killswitch Engage, Thrice, Deftones and other genre crossing heavyweights. From the dark lyrics and anthemic cries of Haunting Me to the pummeling blast beats of Letters to the Living, the debut effort entitled “This is Romance” is destined to turn heads.

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Sevin - Lead Vox

Kyle - Guitar, Vocals

Cortez - Bass Guitar

JD - Drums

Combining elements of several diverse musical genres, Curtain Hits the Cast’s style is best described by them as, emotional music written for everyone to feel a part of. Using such styles as rock, emo, punk, and hardcore CHTC produces a sound they hope is a little off the edge. Without trying to recreate the sound of rock music, the main focal point of the band is not to fall into the same old song. Emerging from such different musical ventures, the project at hand sometimes seemed like a distant one. The common ground was a difficult one to find, especially when it came down to vocals. Curtain Hits the Cast comments that at least 15 people tried to fill the position. After months of frustration and endless hours of sitting through mediocre rehearsals, the missing link was found. Taking songs that were written months beforehand and combining them with the now set vox was a time of recreation. Many were tossed and the rest were rewritten. Curtain Hits the Cast admits they are writing their new music with a sense of making people reach inside themselves and analyze what they find.Whether it be a memory or a feeling suppressed deep within, the songs are written to help an individual cope or relate to that instance that has left some imprint on their existence. With an outcry of new music and many goals at hand,CHTC has no intentions of letting up. The plan is to flood the regional music scene with their passion and strong musical outlet to people who are ready to relate.

Now signed to East Cost Empire Records with there CD release titled “”this is romance”“.