DØGRÅVAS - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

DØGRÅVAS is a Hungarian - English industrial/experimental/black metal 3-piece. They define themselves as black metal, but their style incorporates elements from death metal, grindcore, industrial metal, and sometimes even from noiserock and sludge metal.

DØGRÅVAS is a Hungarian word with Norwegian spelling, and it means a process when an animate creature slowly rots to death.

The bandmembers prefer to remain nameless by using names such as Mr. B, Mr. K and Mr A.

Mr. B. defined the band on the official myspace page as it follows: “DØGRÅVAS is a channel for the pain. A focus to gather the negativity and turn it into creativity. To destroy and to build. Sturm und drang.”

The band has made an e.p. in 2008 (a collection of rehearsal demos) entitled “Penetrating The Kingdom Of Nihil”. It is free to download from their myspace site (www.myspace.com/dogravas)

In the end of 2008, the founding members Mr. B and Mr. K decided to part ways, and the future of the band is uncertain. Guitarist-programmer Mr. K stopped to make music for a time. Vocalist Mr. B can be heard in the Hungarian grindcore band Harvester

Synth player Mr A. can be found in the English black metal band Legions of Crows.