Da Captain Trips - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

The band was formed in May 2009 by three friends coming from other bands:

Cavitos at the guitar from Oak’s Mary, who recently toured around Europe supporting Fatso Jetson, Sappah at the drums from Midryasi, a kick-ass heavy-psych band who played in many festivals in Italy and Europe and Peppone at the bass from the band Shoo.

They knew each others at concerts and thanks to the same passions for music, old vinyls, vintage music instruments, they became friends like brothers and decided to start a new adventure. One afternoon they met in a rehearsal room without any ideas of what would happen, they simply pushed start on the recording microphone and started to play totally jamming and that’s how they started off.

The first session they recorded is a long jam that took the name of “Leaving the Mainland”(you can listen to a live recordings on the myspace page and a studio version on the promo) The name of the band is a tribute to the Stephen King’s saga “The Dark Tower”, the best fantasy story ever written. The Captain Trips is a powerful kind of flu that kill millions of people in the story…they don’t want to kill anybody…they only like how the name sounds…

The songs are composed rigorously during the jam sessions, every practice is recorded so the best of every session is taken and elaborated.

They always improvise during their shows and every show is recorded too, so listening to it, they can feel how the songs change, depending on the different places, different

public and different atmosphere.

The influences are too many to be mentioned…from the 60’s-70’s psychedelic rock to many instrumental bands of yesterday and today. This promo has been recorded and mixed in one day by Da Captain Trips and Alberto Callegari at Elfo Studio (Italy) in February 2010 and is out under the sign of Desert Fox Records.

During 2010 the band played a lot of shows in Italy also supporting bands like “Yawning Man” and “Samsara Blues Experiment”.In 2011 they are planning to record the second Ep in March and play some shows in europe in April.

The artworks of the covers is made by Sappah.