Dan Paladin - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Daniel "Dan" Paladin (born in 1979 in Ohio), also known as "Synj", is an American video game artist and designer.

He collaborated with Newgrounds creator Tom Fulp and designed Flash-based games: Sack Smash 2001, Chainsaw the Children, Dad n' Me, and, most notably, Alien Hominid. In 2002 he, Fulp, John Baez and Brandon LaCava created the video game company The Behemoth. Paladin designed the critically acclaimed remake of Alien Hominid and fighting game Castle Crashers, with his 2D style becoming signature for these games. His latest work is a new Behemoth game, BattleBlock Theater.

He also composed the polka-style closing credits tune for the Cyanide and Happiness animated shorts.

Personal life

Paladin lives in San Diego, California, where The Behemoth is also located and is an active member of Newgrounds.


Paladin has won 35 awards, including 14 Daily Features, four Weekly Users' Choice Awards, and a Review Crew Pick. Aside from working for The Behemoth, Dan also worked for Gratuitous Games and Presto Studios.


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