David Piccioni - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

David Piccioni Biography

While organising weekly parties in Macmillans club in Liverpool in 1985, David Piccioni being such a cheapskate, found It much easier for him and a friend to play their own records to their crowd of 300 friends and acquaintances rather than employ for a DJ, and thus a career in dance music was born.

After moving to New York in 1986 and encountering early house music in his regular haunts Better Days and Paradise Garage, David started DJing Black Market`s house club on 21st St with Maurice Watson in 1987. After the massive success of the club, he was asked to introduce house music to a new audience of New Yorkers in the 2000 capacity WORLD club on the Lower East Side of New York. The mixed crowd of straight/gay/black and latino crowd previously groomed on a combination of hip hop, freestyle and general modern commercial club sounds were quickly converted to the underground house sound. David`s popular Saturday house night was quickly joined by Frankie Knuckles on a Friday night and a combination of David Morales and Larry Levan on a Thursday, all of whom were far from the notorious names they are today.

Five years of intense club life in New York, playing `The World`, and later moving to the Red Zone with David Morales, David moved to the UK where the dance music business took priority over the DJ life. The world famous record store Black Market Records was taken over by Piccioni and his American knowledge and experience was used to the full when starting his AZULI record label.

Black Market record shop has been run for 8 years now by Piccioni and maintains it`s status as Dance music`s most notorious ground breaking shop.

AZULI is now one of the largest and strongest independent labels in the UK being resposible for hits such as The Face - Needing You - Eclipse - Makes me love You, Afro Medusa’s Pasilda and loads of others. Azuli has now released over 120 singles and sveral albums including ones by Frankie Knuckles and Joey Negro.

David presently is resident dj at Londons coolest night VERTIGO at the Cross ,and regulalarly plays at Cream in Liverpool. His regular overseas gigs include Alter Ego in Verona Italy and Echoes in Riccione Italy, as well as tour dates for the Ministry Of Sound.