Deathproof - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

There are at least two artists named Deathproof on

1. A melodic modern heavy metal band from Finland

2. An alternative / metal / southern rock band from United States

1) Deathproof is a metal band from Finland. It was founded in 2008 by four guys in from Kotka, FIN. Band was named “Fall Of Schure” since 2009, until 2010 it was re-named as Deathproof.

2) Combining styles ranging from heavy metal to southern rock, Death Proof is a force to be reckoned with. Creating a sound all their own, they combine powerful riffs, thunderous rhythms, and an incredibly energetic live performance along with a positive uplifting message. The band has been around since early 2008. Through several lineup changes, they have finally solidified what being Death Proof is all about. In the short time of Death Proof’s existence, they have acquired a diverse following of fans, playing shows all over NC and the surrounding areas, and even receiving some radio play. This band is looking to take their unique brand of music as far as they can while staying focused on the music, the passion they all four share for what they’re doing, and the immense love they have for their fans past, present, and future. Be sure to keep checking back for more news, tour information and updates!

Members: Lee Myers, Luke DeMoss, Brandi Reed, Chris Sealey

Bands We Have Shredded With: Flaw, The Dreaming, Motograter, Darksun, Bloodline Severed, My Hero Is Me, Sleeping Giant, Black Rose Mourning, A 1000 Shields, 3 Quarters Dead, Seizing Perfection,ComeWhatMay, Hephystus, Blood and Water, Haiz Rail, Oh Sleeper, Displaced, A Light Divided, Rich Little Poor Kids, Kingdom of Ashe, Decyfer Down, Murder on my Breath, Disciple, Onward To Olympas, Separate Solution, and alot more to come!

Sounds Like: Pantera, Metallica, Mudvayne, Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Disturbed.