DJ Brian Asher - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Brian Asher was musically inspired from a young age; he picked up playing the guitar and trumpet early in life. After going to college in Arizona and moving back to Washington, he was introduced to the world of electronic music by his brother. Quickly catching on to the sounds of Trance and Techno, he began to merge the two together creating his own sound and energy that could not be matched. He mastered the skill of mixing and began spinning at house parties that quickly grew in size as word spread of Brians talent.

Brian Asher has been a familiar name in Seattle since 1998 when he played his first show in an after hours club, Aristocrats. He put the club into lock down with his own unique blend of Techno & Trance at this debut and launched his DJ career full force.

After getting his first break in the Seattle music scene he became resident DJ for Tripwire Productions and continued to grow and develop his mixing skills. He was soon playing Seattles biggest clubs- Showbox, LSC (Last Supper Club), Contour, and Aristocrats and has opened some of Seattles biggest shows with artists such as Judge Jules, Marco V, Dj Micro, Kimble Collins, George Acosta, Noel Sanger, Jerry Bonham, and Pascal Dolle.

Brian released his first self produced album “Creations The Beginning” in 2006. He also hosts the long running “Modulate” podcast available on iTunes or as an RSS feed through this site. The “Modulate” podcast was developed to bring you in touch with mixes and performances that capture the vibe and emotion of being in your favorite club listening to your favorite track or Dj.

Brian is currently spinning in Seattles hottest clubs where he loves to be. He hopes to reach out more and more with his musical talents and hopefully land his production work into peoples hands around the world.