dj Croix - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Colin Roy picked up a bass at age 13 to help out a few friends who were jammin’ in moms living room, and has been involved with music in as many ways as possible since that day. Colin split his free time between two bands over the next ten years, playing bass in metal band Reign, and playing bass and sequencing in the industrial metal group False Idol.

At 17, Colin was introduced to the then thriving EDM scene in Dallas, which soon began to play a major role in his musical career. Colin Roy became DJ Croix and spent his time outside of school at UTA dj’ing and producing drum and bass and hip hop beats with the Dallas based group DAP, the Dirty Alien Project. After a few years, it became clear to Croix that it was time to “put up or shut up”, and all of the skills and ideas that had been forming were finally put to the test. Poor Vida Productions was born.

Croix is part owner of the new company Poor Vida, and is the web designer and graphic artist for many of the companies productions. Croix also is an experienced audio engineer, both in the studio and in live venues. When he is not working in the studio on the newest project, you can find him around Dallas in venues and clubs making the music sound sweet.