DJ Mastra - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

DJ Mastra aka Mastra aka Duo Pad (one half of the Trauma Duo, together with John Trauma), civil name Stefan Willenegger, is a dj/producer based in Berne/Switzerland. Born in 1978 to a Swiss father and an Italian mother, Mastra started to spin records around 1994. Originally trained as a car mechanic, Mastra’s main focus in life was always on music, and thanks to a certain event organizer called Nik Leuenberger he got the opportunity to play in front of an audience in a club for the first time.

Several years later, towards the end of the millennium, he already made a name of himself in the local club scene and could add the legendary venue ‘Tresor’ in Berlin to his established rep. Gigs in Ibiza and at raves like ‘Energy’ and ‘Street Parade’ followed, and he was to become a resident at the ‘Club Q’ in Zurich, as well as at the venue ‘Via Felsenau’ in Berne. International performances include Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Sao Paulo, and London.

Around 2002, Mastra started to develop his skills in producing music, whereas Bernese Techno/Ambient-Godfather Marco Repetto played a role as his mentor. Mastra signed to Repetto’s label ‘Inzec Records’ and made his debut with a track called ‘Funkasie’ (inzec011). In 2003, Mastra began his studies at the University of the Arts and finished in summer 2007. He now has a diploma in music and media art.

Mastra’s musical creations have a certain feel to it. No matter if it’s uptempo (you may call it crispy Tech-House or minimalistic Elektra-Funk) or downtempo (Ambient, Dub and Jazz influenced sounds), there is always this Mastra-esk warmth and deepness in his tracks one will recognize. The future sees further releases, amongst others on a German label, and live performances with John Trauma aka Sandro Ambrosi under their ‘Trauma Duo’ moniker. Mastra also runs his weekly club session, you can catch him behind the decks each Thursday at the venue ‘Amadeus’ in Berne.